S1000D XML Editor


S1000D-compliant XML Editor is a WYSIWYG Editor based on ASD S1000D specification




  • Support of S1000D issues:
    • Issue 4.0
    • Issue 4.1
  • Context help providing description for:
    • Elements
    • Attributes
    • Attribute values
  • Change tracking:
    • Auto markup of changes with reasons for update indication
    • Change info deletion
  • On-the-fly validation:
    • XSD schema
    • Authoring business rules
  • Spell check:
    • Russian
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Greek
  • Preview:
    • Used/unused graphic entities
  • Dialogs:
    • Internal reference insertion
    • External reference insertion
    • Technical repository reference insertion
  • Managing:
    • Entities
    • Notations
    • Blocking/unblocking of user's actions related to data schemes or business-rules breaking
  • Intelligent linguistic search and highlighting for auto markup (smart tags):
    • Acronyms: abbreviations, terms, descriptions
    • External references to technical repository: functional units, spare parts, equipment, zones, access points, controls and indicators, cirquit breakers, etc.
    • External references to manual modules and data modules
    • Internal references to illustrations, tables, hotspots, sections, multimedia, spare parts, optional equipment, supplies, etc.
    • Units of measure
  • Illustrations:
    • Hotspots validation
    • Legend generation based on the hotspots data
    • References to the technical repository
  • Search:
    • Full-text
    • Context


Smart tagging for internal and external references

Auto markup of changes with reasons for update indication

Hotspots validation and legend generation

Authoring business rules on-the-fly validation

Copying text out of MS Word

References processing

Context help for elements, attributes and their values